4 Easy Ways to Calm Your Kids Today!

By: Chandra Taylor, FunFu

Somedays my kids are just so full of energy and despite our regular routines their energy sometimes comes at inappropriate times, like as soon as I say “Time for bed” or “I just need to make a phone call” – I can see you all nodding your heads.

Teaching your kids to find calm is not only useful to you and your family but is also a lifelong skill that you can help your kids master.

Meditation can seem daunting and I don’t think we give our kids enough credit. At FunFu we end each session with a “Chillax” for a few reasons – 1. We are teaching the kids to be calm in challenging situations – obviously a skill they will need if they ever find themselves in danger, 2. Kids need some time everyday to just ‘BE’, be with their thoughts, emotions and senses and 3. So the FunFu Kids don’t go home to Mum and Dad all hypo!

The amazing thing is that the kids really enjoy it and they can do it, after the first time when they know what is expected there is no figeting, no chattering….nothing….just….silence!

FunFu Kids practicing standing Meditation

FunFu Kids practicing standing Meditation


  • Itunes Podcasts

Meditation Recordings For Children and Teens

This is a great collection of Meditations for Kids which will help to calm your kids, I particularly like the Guiding Star Meditation, Kids respond well to podcast meditations as they are so used to being read a story and allowing their imagination to take over that they really soak up the vibe and underlying messages that are so good for their spirit.

  • Meditation Oasis

Mary Maddux has an amazing voice, I discovered her whilst I was teaching Yoga, she helped me to overcome PTSD after the birth of my first child, when I listen to her it’s like hearing an old friend, I have made the link below directed to her full list of recordings (because I think Mum’s will find something there for them), the kids meditation is #40.

Sleep Meditation For Children

  • Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra translates as Yogic Sleep, it is such a perfect practice for kids who find it tough to settle down. When I have used this to calm my kids I sit on the lounge with their head in my lap and simply go through the script (I do it on the fly, but you can read the linked script below, after a while it does become intuitive to just have the words tumpble out of your mouth). This practice can be short 5-10 mins or longer, you can read another round of the body. Make sure to have a closing statement each time you do it, so the kids know when to finish, I usually say “Take a big breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth…rub your finger tips over your thumbs…pull your knees into your chest…roll onto your side and slowly open your eyes. Even better is if they fall asleep in their bed, slowly creep out the door!

Gaiam’s Yoga Nidra For Kids

  • Walk in Nature

Nature and adventure can create lasting calm

Nature and adventure can create lasting calm

 I have found that my kids get agitated when their minds have been very active but their bodies have been still, they tend to get argumentative, snappy and well not much fun to be around. Recently I have restricted their ‘screen time’ and the results have been wonderful to watch, but when I made this decision, which was long overdue, my hubby and I decided it was only fair to replace that ‘hole’ in their life with something else.

So we decided to go on more rides, bush walks and trips to the beach (see I’m pretty cunning – they are all the things I love to do ;-) ). I have noticed when we go somewhere that is ‘untamed’ my son in particular gets a huge rush, at times I have seen him well up at the enormity and power of nature. I have found that kids really crave that connection with the earth.

A few things I notice after these adventures is, the car ride home is very quiet, the kids co operate and they sleep so well at night. Basically Mother Nature solves all my stresses in just a couple of hours exposure – what a wonderful mother!

I hope you try some of these suggestions, you may be suprised by the results.

May fun colour your day,

Chandra (AKA Simu)

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