eco baby products

As people becoming aware of the nasty effects of using the normal baby products which are laced with chemicals, the need of the right product for their baby is fulfilled by us. We not only provide the eco baby products but a product made from organic bamboo which has been proven & tested to be better on bubs sensitive skin. At LittleShoppers we specialise in both Baby & eco-friendly baby products that are affordable for everyone!

As most of the products are made of bamboo fabric which has anti-bacterial and soft texture characteristics, they prove to be good for the delicate skin of the babies. Being disposal, they can be easily disintegrated or they can be recycled with no harm to the Mother Nature. With such qualities they are proving much better than the traditional cloth nappies especially to those women who lives in high rise buildings and are working,making it very easy for them to dispose of them without any difficulty.

Nappies like Pandas by Luvme are exceeding the expectation of mums with bubs. Bamboo wet wipes is another best eco friendly baby product which are beneficial for cleansing infants. They have no harsh chemicals making them perfect for bubs sensitive skin and also being biodegradable is better for our earth. The soft texture does not leave any rashes on the soft skin of the baby making it one of the finest eco baby products.If you want to keep your baby happy and want these products than you can log on to This way you can fulfill all your desires without damaging our environment.

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